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Latest @ 2019-08-31: We now have an organiser in Garmisch- Partenkirchen: Nigel Mellersh Contact him via Organisersmail list.
2013 08 15 surfing at munich airport quarter size
Airport Surfing (2103, closed by 2017)

2015-08-13_surfing_at_munich_airport small
For all sorts of water sports, day trips etc, eg Diving, Canoeing, Sailing, Swimming (city pool & cycle to lake bike trips), Water skiing, Wake Boarding, Wind Surfing, etc. 2012 06 28 walchensee windsurfing
Cable Water Ski & Wake Boarding
Water Ski & Wake boards @ Ascheim
We plan some trips, including walks & hikes & bike trips etc at the Beer Gardeners (all year, inside in winter).
Heated outdoor open air swimming pool & aerated & jet stream pool at Dante Bad
Dante Bad winter heated outdoor pools aerated & jet stream pools .

Got a picture of the water sport you like
& You'r on the Berklix lists ?
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Why Free ? Is there a catch ? Who are You ? What's This For ?

English speaking non smokers in Munich, Bavaria, Southern Germany. Not a commercial club, not registered, no fees, no membership cards, no web advertising, no commercial harvesting of your mail addresses, no sponsorship by a commercial company, no plan to grow big & sell the web site.

We do Not want your money. Places that hire boats & boards etc will though, but pay them direct, Not via us. We get no kickbacks, take no fees, don't train you, accept no liability & take no kids (they & parents can be disruptive, & German liability law problematic). If we give you lots of good tips or arrange good trips you could buy us a beer, but better: Organise a trip or event yourself.

Rules ? Biggest rule for Berklix activities : Don't think everyone has equal right! We value organisers more than car drivers ! We value car drivers more than passengers ! Don't annoy or disrupt organisers. We don't have enough organisers, so we treasure them, & 1 rotten apple in a barrel can go a long way to discouraging organisers so we Do throw out the odd rotten apple, to keep the barrel healthy. If you want to push your views, become an organiser first & organiser events, when you automatically get about ten times as much say on everything, as thanks from all for events you've organised smiley face icon

no smoking icon Assume all events on Berklix lists are Non smoking, unless the organiser announces otherwise in advance. (This author & frequent organiser is allergic to smoke, & many other organisers & attenders of events on Berklix lists also really dislike tobacco smoke too.

Who are we ? Join an event to find out. Many of us are also in other overlapping groups both within & with other groups too. Some of us also do eg: bike rides, skiing, hikes, beer gardens etc.

No Events Calendar On Web, Just By Email, Because

  • Most events are weather forecast related, urgent updates are emailed out.
  • + copying data to to web would require editing work no one has time to do
  • + risk of discrepancy between old web pages & latest email.
Weather forecasts for trips (inc web cams etc).
  • Organisers: There's a number of water organisers. They have their own water-org@ mail list , membership of which gives them both:
  • Permission to the robot to announce to the big water@ list (doesnt work for the moment)
  • A small list, only water organisers, where they can discuss whatever organisational issues may interest them, eg to optimise dates if they want (rather than sometimes have nothing & sometime a clash.
  • Organisers of water-org@ must also ensure they are members of water@.
  • Join either list & the introductory mail gives more info, & you'll get future water announcements.

Spare Sports Gear

I guess various of you have spare bits of sports gear taking space, you wouldn't mind selling/ giving/ swapping (wrong size or whatever) me too (wet suit, surf shoes, trapeze) , if anyone on mail list asks me, I'll add a link here to what you have.

Other Groups

2016-08-09: 200 Euro fine if one illegaly reserves seats & space on Italian public beaches smiley face icon

Great pic of wind surfing in January Starnberger See, Tutzing & AmmerSee, Herrsching

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