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Free - Mail Lists for Local social & sport & international technical etc).

Some announcement only, some sport & social, technical lists writable by all members, multi-lingual subscription interface.

GROUPS With No Fees & Free Events.

BIM - Berkeley In Munich - BSD Users Group BSD Logo bim@

Beer Gardeners Group (all year, indoors when cold or wet). - bg@

Brexit impact on UK citizens in EU EU Flag - brexit@ &
Petition Queen for votes abroad: votes-sign@ & votes-chat@.

Chilli: Indian Curry & Thai etc - - chilli@

Ski & Walk & Hike & Bike & Fast Bike & Water Sports groups.
Lists: ski@, walk@, bike@ & water@.

Holzstr 15-27d & Westermühlstr 1 & 1a - Anwohner / Residents - - holz@

MECC - Munich Electronic & Computer Consultants - mecc@

SFD - Software Freedom Day - Munich - sfd@

TechTalk - Free evening technical lectures (& Vorträge) - techtalk@

PCS - Colleagues of a Computer Co. - pcs@

VCFE - Vintage Computer Fest Europa - vcfe@

Other Groups:


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