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List Description
Berklix-announce Products & Services, eg Bootable BSD USB Stick etc - Announcements
Berklix-plus Product & Services - Feedback, Supplements
Bg Beer Gardeners Munich all year - Announcements
Bg-chat Beer Gardeners Munich Discuss Venues etc. - Discussion
Bg-org Beer Gardeners Munich - Organisers - Introduce yourself
Bike Cycle Trip Munich Area - Announcements
Bike-fast Cycle trip Munich area faster &/or further than most of bike@
Bike-fast-org Cycle trip Munich area faster &/or further - Organisers - Introduce yourself.
Bike-org Cycle Trip Munich Area - Organisers - Introduce yourself.
Bim BSD Unix - Berkeley In Munich, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD etc.
Bim-install BIM BSD Unix Installathon Events
Bim-leaflet BIM's BSD Leaflet
Bim-talks BSD Talks, Lectures, Vortrage
Brexit Brexited Brits in continental Europe
Bsd-jobs BSD Commercial Consultants, globaly geographicaly indexed
Bsdpie BSD Professionals In Europe - Core
Bsdpie-associates BSD Professionals In Europe - Associates
Bsdpie-clients BSD Professionals In Europe - Clients
Bsdpie-news BSD Professionals In Europe - News
Chilli Chilli & Indian etc Munich Meal - Announcements
Chilli-chat Chilli & Indian Meal Chat Not Announcements, Unmoderated
Chilli-org Chilli & Indian Munich Meal - Organisers - Introduce yourself
Conf-announce BSD Conference, Munich - Announcements
Conf-chat BSD Conference, Munich - Chat
Conf-core BSD Conference, Munich - Core Organisers - By Invitation
Conf-detail BSD Conference, Munich - Detail
Conf-org BSD Conference, Munich - Organisers - Introduce yourself.
Conf-speak BSD Conference, Munich - Speakers, Lecturers,
Ctm-git-cur FreeBSD updates
Ctm-git-cur-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-ports-cur FreeBSD updates
Ctm-ports-cur-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-10 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-10-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-11 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-11-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-12 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-12-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-13 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-13-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-14 FreeBSD updates 14-stable
Ctm-src-14-fast FreeBSD updates 14-stable
Ctm-src-14r FreeBSD updates 14-release candidates
Ctm-src-14r-fast FreeBSD updates 14-release candidates
Ctm-src-4 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-4-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-5 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-5-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-6 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-6-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-7 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-7-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-8 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-8-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-9 FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-9-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-cur FreeBSD updates
Ctm-src-cur-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-svn-cur FreeBSD updates
Ctm-svn-cur-fast FreeBSD updates
Ctm-users Fallback for
Deter Internet Deterrent And Automatic Counter Attack Systems
Estic Estic for Istec 1003 & 1008 PBX/ LCO/ Tk Anlage
Faraday Faraday, Munich & Germany, Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Freebsd-ports FreeBSD Ports Resuscitation
Garda Garda Trips From Munich
Holz Muenchen, Holz- str 15-27d & Westermühlstr 1 & 1a Anwohner=Residents
Holz-org Muenchen, Holz- str 15-27d & Westermühlstr 1 & 1a Organisatoren - Bei Einladung
Holz27d Muenchen, holz- str 27d, Residents = Anwohner
Mecc Munich Electronic & Computer Contractors
North Germany NRW Aachen Cologne Cleves Dahlem
Pc532 Open Source & Open Hardware NSC32532
Pcs PCS [ex] computer leute/people
Rip-ernst-winter RIP Ernst Winter
Scanjet HP Network ScanJet 5 & 6 aka 9100C
Sfd-announce Software Freedom Day - Munich - Announcements
Sfd-org Software Freedom Day - Munich - Organisers -Introduce yourself.
Ski Ski, Snow, & Winter sports Trips From Munich - Announcements
Ski-org Ski Trips From Munich - Organisers - Introduce yourself.
Symmetric Symmetric 375 4.2BSD 2M RAM NSC16032
Techtalk Technical Talks, Munich Area (Lectures, Vortrage) Announcements
Test TESTS by Berklix lists members welcome here. Not to other lists!
Vcfe Vintage Computer Fest Europa, Munich
Votes-sign Signs petition to Queen to restore votes for British abroad
Walk Munich area Walk & Mountain Hike Announcements
Walk-chat Walks and Hikes from Munich - Discussion
Walk-org Munich area Walk & Mountain Hike Organisers - Introduce yourself.
Water Water Sports Munich Area Announcements
Water-org Water Sports Munich Area Organisers - Introduce yourself.

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